Sheepskin gloves for people with chilly extremities

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Sheepskin gloves for people with chilly extremities

5 April 2017
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Many people get extra cold hands even when everyone around is not that cold. Having very cold hands can make it hard to do all sorts of tasks like fitting keys in locks and opening doors extra challenging. Sheepskin gloves can be the perfect solution. Here are some of the reasons sheepskin is a great material for gloves. 


If the weather is particularly cold, you also often have a nasty wind to contend with. That means that you want to find some windproof gloves rather than a traditional knit which can allow the cold air to get in. This also makes it hard for any sweat around the hands to form frost or icicles, which is a common issue with more permeable gloves and can lead to even colder hands and fingers. 

Soft and warm

While you can get many great leather gloves, a lot of these are fabric lined and not as soft inside. The soft warm interior of a sheepskin glove is very inviting on a cold day and can make stiff fingers and cold hands feel much better on a cold outing. As a natural fabric it has the ability to self-regulate temperature, so if you get a very hot hand (such as holding a hot drink), it can also self-regulate to keep your hands at a comfortable, toasty temperature. Many people also find that the natural lanolin in sheepskin helps to keep their skin feeling soft even in the cold and drying weather of winter. 


If you wear your gloves a lot in the colder weather they can start to gather a bit of a smell. Luckily even though sheepskin gloves are warm and snug, they don't tend to generate an odour as they have naturally anti-microbial properties that stops your gloves from getting smelly. This can be great if you want to wear your gloves each day. (In the event that you do get something on your sheepskin gloves such as spilling a drink, it is easy to clean using a sheepskin liquid cleaner/conditioner which quickly restores it to as new condition). 

If you (or someone you love) tends to get cold and stiff hands in the cooler weather it makes sense to invest in a pair of high-quality sheepskin to keep them warm all year round. Why not jump online and find a pair of sheepskin gloves to start enjoying more comfortable hands?