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Spending and Saving: A Delicate Dance

Welcome to my blog. My name is Catherine, and in this blog, I am going to write about my absolute favourite thing to do: shopping. I love to shop, but like most of the world, I'm not a billionaire (or even a millionaire), and as a result, I need to be able to save whilst I spend. This blog starts with that idea, and it goes into multiple other topics. I hope that it becomes a resource that you can return to again and again. Most importantly, I hope that it improves your relationship with shopping! Thank you for reading, and please, share these posts on Facebook, Twitter or whatever sites you use. Cheers.


Tips and Tricks to Maximise Camera Battery Life

21 June 2017
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You've got a great subject, you've lined up the shot perfectly, checked your settings and adjusted for the environment. Then you press the shutter button and . . . nothing happens. There are few things in life worse than the feeling you get when you're about to take a photo, only for your camera's battery to give up on you. Although modern digital camera batteries usually last quite a long time, that can be a problem in itself, as you're more likely to forget to charge it. Read More …